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Our Story

In the heart of Cape Cod, our founder, Mustapha Akkawi, has grown Hannoush Jewelers from humble beginnings into a flourishing family enterprise. Emigrating from Lebanon in 1984, Mustapha's journey to success was paved with dedication, resilience, and a clear vision. From his early days in sales to managing a Hannoush Jewelers branch in Western Massachusetts, Mustapha honed his passion for the jewelry business.

Driven by the desire to provide customers with uniquely crafted pieces, Mustapha embarked on his own venture, opening his first Hannoush franchise in Falmouth. His dedication and vision soon drew his brothers from their homes in Lebanon to join him in this exciting endeavor.

What sets Hannoush Jewelers of Cape Cod apart is our commitment to authenticity and craftsmanship. We proudly manufacture many of our pieces, combining traditional techniques with modern aesthetics right here in Falmouth and Hyannis. Our team, made up of jewelry experts, ensures that every piece we create meets our rigorous standards of quality and design.

At Hannoush Jewelers, we believe there's a piece for everyone. We offer an extensive range of collections, from high-end pieces that exude elegance to affordable treasures that capture the charm of everyday life. As we look to the future, we're excited to continue growing, bringing even more distinctive, high-quality pieces into our stores.

Rooted in family, quality, and community, Hannoush Jewelers has become a cherished part of the Cape Cod landscape. We are not just a business, but a family of passionate jewelers, committed to contributing to our vibrant community and ensuring that our customers always find that perfect piece to celebrate their most precious moments.

Join us as we continue our journey, crafting memories and honoring the rich traditions of Cape Cod through our exquisite collections.